Just a Little Street Photography

I had the opportunity to get out early this past Saturday and hit the streets of Auburn before the 11:00 kickoff of the Auburn vs Lousianna Monroe football game. Things get started pretty early around town on gamedays like this. I stopped at one of the art galleries downtown just as this young lady was hanging a few works outside. After a brief conversation I asked if she would mind if I took a few images of her in front of the shop and she asked if it would be alright to get one of her and her coworker together. Why not, the more the merrier, especially when I’ve already had my morning coffee.

Next I spotted Wayne and Darsey sitting outside of University Barber Shop waiting on the next customer and enjoying the early morning air. I really love this place, not only can you get a great hair cut, but the conversations are always amazing.

I followed a similar routine on Sunday morning, but just walked around the campus watching the cleanup effort from all the activities of the previous day. One thing that caught my eye was the striking colors of the new AU logo on the east side of the stadium and the beautiful early morning sky. I set the tripod up and did a series of 3 different exposures that I later turned in to this HDR image.

Later I stopped and remenienced in front of Thach Hall, remembering that my very first pharmacy class was in this building. I guess it may be fitting that my official introduction to pharmacy occurred in the Business School building. I didn’t linger very long for fear that I might still hear Dr. Hocking’s voice mumbling about leaves, bark, roots, twigs and all other things related to Pharmacognosy.

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