Sepulga River

This is an image from about 3 years ago of the Sepulga
River and Bottle Creek in Brooklyn, Alabama. The Sepulga is one of the must beautiful rivers in the South and a great place to spend a day floating in a canoe. You can travel for miles and not see a sign of civilization unless you happen upon others enjoying a float trip.

This panoramic image was created by stitching together two smaller images.

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One Response to Sepulga River

  1. Dan says:

    Great picture! I like the panoramic view. It’s hard to imagine the sharks and other pre-historic creatures that roamed this area at one time. The cyprus tree lets you know it’s south AL. The water looks amazing w/ the sandy bottom. There’s supposed to be an old boat that sank just below this point. I think it hauled cotton to Pensacola but sank on it’s first trip. I heard you can still see some of the boat when the water’s down.