A Quick Before and After View

I posted this image on my Facebook page last night and it seems to have drawn a little bit of attention, so I thought I would write a blog post about how it came about. I was passing by the Brewton City Park a couple of nights ago and decided I would take a few night time shots of the park and nearby areas, all the while trying avoid looking like ……uh, a fool carrying around a tripod with a camera attached at 8:30 on deserted city streets. At least I wasn’t questioned by the local authorities or reported as a bigfoot sighting.

Now to a bit of technical stuff. I set up for this shot across the street from the park with the camera mounted on a tripod and the self timer set for 10 seconds. I had the aperture set to 16, which is the best way to get the starburst effect from the lights without using a filter. The camera was set to record 3 exposures of the same image, a normal exposure, a 2 stop over exposure, and a 2 stop under exposure. I ended up using the over exposure for this image and discarding the other two.

The first thing I did was remove a utility pole that was in the center of the image and a couple of lens flares. It gets really deep at this point, but I will say I ended up using 4 different software programs and finished with a 7 layer, 256 MB PSD file. The total processing time on the computer was about 80-90 minutes.

This is the starting image straight out of the camera:

Until next time

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