Once Every 14 Years

With temperatures averaging in the mid-90′s all week, I took a look back in the hard drive and found this image from February of this year. Having lived most of my life in Southern Alabama, being a student of history, and not being completely senile…..yet, I thought back on the most recent history of snowfall in Southern Alabama. Of course there’s this one…duh, then the big one in 1993, before that the big one in 1977, and drum roll please… the great southern blizzard of 1973 when I was a student at Auburn. I’ll bet the snow was every bit of 8 inches deep, just enough to get your bell bottoms wet to your kneecaps. If my knowledge of averages and trends serves me correctly, we are about 10-14 years away form this scene again. Would someone please pass me a cool drink and point me to some shade.

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