Street Photography from the Iron Bowl 2013

Well what can I say about this one? A picture speaks a thousand words. I asked if they would let me take a quick shot and the rest is history.

Somebody’s not going home happy tonight, but if you give it a seconds thought, there’s always next year.

Oh behave………..

I just love YETI coolers

I convinced this young lady to do a quick pose in front of the vendor stand she was working in. The background was a little burned out, so I fixed that quit easily.

This young lady was promoting Chevy trucks under a small tent with this wheat field as a backdrop. She readily agreed to pose for a few quick shots after I showed a little interest in the display truck. She might have posed for more if I had told her that my truck is 18 years old and the odometer stopped at 175,000 miles four years ago.

Until next time

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