Dining out at Pensacola Beach

After a flying trip (well we actually drove rather quickly) to Pensacola for a Doctor visit Donna had scheduled today, the usual question about were to eat came up. We were torn between eating quickly and cheaply or splurging on a good meal. Well, it didn’t take much convincing to go all out, so we decided to drive over to Pensacola Beach and eat at Flounders, which is one of our favorites. The atmosphere is great, right there on the sound side of the beach with a beautiful sunset and open air dining.

Flounders has a lot of character to the building which is highlighted by quite a few old boats hanging from the ceiling and dozens of antique outboard motors around the edge of the interior. For a man my age (39, I’m not kidding) pictures begin to dance through your head of a hot, humid day bent over a torn apart motor saying “we’ll go fishing as soon as we get this thing running again, son”.

The food is really good there and they even offer a $0.18 cup of gumbo with your meal. Did you hear me I said EIGHTEEN CENTS? You can’t get anything but memories for eighteen cents these days. Well it’s April 13th, so in two more days we probably can’t afford the cup of gumbo either. Actually, I just talked to my accountant and I owe the government the equivalent of 4200 cups of Flounders delicious gumbo. Come on down to Flounders Mr. President and bring a few friends, the gumbos on me.

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