It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried to post on this blog due to the fact that for the last two years I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling to work. Now that I’m working back closer to home I should have much more time for little things I like such as photography and writing. I’m looking forward to some really exciting projects in the coming months.

The above image is one I shot of Lucy a little over two years ago after our grandson’s Baptism and just before a family dinner.  She was going up and down those stairs that morning and having a grand time turning the lights on and off after being told not to. I’ve been going through the image files on my computer to organize them in a more logical system and stumbled upon this one in the process. It kind of appealed to me for some reason, maybe due to the fact that I didn’t didn’t spend hours doing layers and adjusting this and that on it like some of the more colorful images I’ve processed in the past few months. Maybe I’ll do a future blog post giving the basic outline of my rather colorful Jerry Garcia processing workflow, but then maybe I’ll do like Col. Sanders and keep those 11 herbs and spices to my self. Just a note, those should not be confused with any of the herbs and spices the real Jerry Garcia was fond of.

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