Just A Little Picture I Found

What a Saturday this was. I’m nursing an cold and decided to just take it easy this weekend, not stress myself to much, and certainly not get outside and do something foolish like yard work. Sounds like a great plan for any weekend, especially a Saturday filled with great college football games.

After much anticipation I settled down to watch the Auburn vs Georgia game. Well at least we played one good quarter of football before our youth and lack of experience took it’s toll and we experienced a beat down like nothing since Custer decided to visit Sitting Bull. What can I say, aside from throwing toilet paper in trees, we Auburn fans win with dignity and lose with dignity. Tomorrow is another day.

Having quickly satisfied my thirst for football on a Saturday afternoon, I started looking at old picture files and found some prom pictures I had shot a few years back. After looking over the file I decided to rework a few of the images and choose to start on one of Jessica.

I remember the day I shot this one quite well. As we were shooting the images at the local college before the prom, my sister introduced me to Jessica and informed me that she is one of my neighbors. She lives about a mile from us and there are two houses in between. I just love the coziness of country living. At least you can’t hear the neighbors dog bark at 4:00 in the morning.

Jessica is currently a Pharmacy student with a bright future ahead of her in what I’ve been told is a very noble profession. I’m sure she’ll do very well and will probably be able to provide excellent health care to old dirt clod kickers like me in the future.

Ok, back to the picture. The original was shot from the waist up and was a bit flat looking, although 3-4 years ago, I thought it looked pretty good. That’s what improvement in your work flow will do, you begin have higher expectations for your results. I decided to do an extreme crop and use some of the newer processing techniques I’ve developed over the last year to enhance the color, add some contrast and a little selective sharpening. I hope you enjoy the results.

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