Little Dancer

You never know what’s around the next corner in this world. I had been discussing shooting some images with Lakin since Thanksgiving Day of 2009 and we were finally able to do them in June 2010. Wow, time really slips by around here. Having planned that we might shoot around some old buildings and back streets I had been scouting, I was asked by her mother when I arrived if I would be willing to shoot her in her dance outfits on the stage at the local college. Being a middle-aged southern farm boy, my cultural glass is only half full, so I readily agreed. Besides, I always love a challenge and shooting a beautiful 17 year old dancer on the spur of the moment can be a challenge when your game plan was totally different 5 minutes ago. This image was obviously not on the stage, but outside the auditorium, were the work of a nearby construction crew was brought to a halt by the site of Lakin giving an impromptu outdoor recital on a hot Friday afternoon. Now the teaser, you’ll have to stay tuned until I show the on stage ballerina images in a later post. This may not be as bad as “who shot J. R. ?”, but at least you won’t have to wait until September to find out. If you’re under 40 disregard the last line, it’s only been 30 years since the first on the great end of season teasers for TV audiences. Talk about time slipping away.

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